State Fair sales tax revenues down

State Fair sales tax revenues down
Last month's South Dakota State Fair will put nearly $63,092 in tax revenues in state and local coffers, according to the South Dakota Department of Revenue and Regulation.

The latest figures available show the 2005 event raised $63,091.84 in total tax revenues, down from the previous year when tax revenues reached $70,004.49. Of the $63,091.84 collected in 2005, $33,998.60 was state sales tax, $20,588.64 was municipal sales and gross receipts tax, and $8,504.60 was state tourism tax.

Gross sales for the 2005 South Dakota State Fair totaled $851,245.93, down from 2004 gross sales of $941,230.24 but up from the gross sales figure of $837,090.16 reported in 2003.

According to published reports, the eight-day 2005 State Fair drew 158,000 visitors, down about 25 percent from last year's count of 210,641 attendees for the 2004 event.







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