State launches Healthy Hunter campaign

State launches Healthy Hunter campaign
The goal of the "Healthy Hunter" campaign is to help hunters prepare for a healthier hunting season by increasing their awareness of how to protect themselves against deadly predators like heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

"Hunting is such a large part of our culture in South Dakota and we tend to take for granted that it's something we'll always be able to do. The Healthy Hunter campaign is about helping South Dakota hunters reduce their risk of heart disease, diabetes and other leading killers so they can enjoy many years of hunting," said Gov. Rounds.

The governor said the campaign features the attention-getting message that South Dakota hunters have become the hunted when it comes to deadly predators like heart disease, diabetes and stroke. It includes television commercials, direct mail to South Dakota hunting license holders, and posters to be hung in businesses throughout South Dakota. The campaign also features a separate Healthy Hunter section on the state's Web site that includes quick and easy training and eating tips, as well as game recipes.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in South Dakota, accounting for 27 percent of deaths in 2003. Preventable risk factors that affect the heart disease rate include obesity, tobacco use, inactivity and unhealthy eating habits. These same risk factors also play a role in stroke and diabetes, the third and seventh leading causes of death, respectively. According to 2003 South Dakota Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance data, the most notable increase of weight happens with the 25-34 year olds and then again with the 35-44 year olds.

Hunters can find out more about how to protect themselves against heart disease, stroke and diabetes by clicking on the "Healthy Hunter" button on the Web site. In addition, hunters who go to to site can register online for free GPS units to be given away by the departments of Health and Game, Fish and Parks as part of the campaign.

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