The Bluffs Bulletin Board

The Bluffs Bulletin Board
Senior golfers bag some birdies

After 32 showing last week we jumped to 39 on Oct. 18.

The weather was good and seven birdies were scored. In addition, the scores were so good that the winners brought in scores of 35, 36 or 37.

Leaders with 35 were Mo Marcotte, Ted Van Bruggen and Jack Doyle, followed by Ken Beringer, Van Pierce and Howard Connors.

Two teams at 36 were, first, Elmer Mount, Ray Lynn, Pat Boyle and Don Imming, and secondly, Pete Berglund, Lloyd Helseth, Quentin Oleson and Jim Grabowski.

Three scoring 37 were winners: Jerry Sommervold, Maury Rasmussen and Jack Stewart, Don Baer, Ron Brown, Sid Davis and Joe Conroy, and finally Turk Pilker, Dave Raabe and Maurice Erickson.

Shots of the day were 45-foot birdie putts by two seniors, Don Baer and Ray Lynn. No one used a tape to measure the better of the two.

Maury Rasmussen was a guest today from Sioux City and Bob Kast and Dale Ende were our guests from Beresford.

Some are already leaving for winter vacation so if you're still around be sure to come out next Tuesday by 1 p.m.

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