The Bluffs Bulletin Board

The Bluffs Bulletin Board
Seniors score six birdies

The afternoon of Tuesday, Oct. 11 started cloudy and a sprinkle started to fall as the teams reached their last hole. Only six birdies were scored.

Two teams took low score. First on tie breaker was Harlan Schott, Joe Conroy, and Quentin Oleson; and next Mo Marcotte, Bob Lund, and Tim O'Connor.

At 38 came the teams of Vern Holter, guests Dick Grasser and Don Bradley, and Howard Connors followed by Dave Bak, Guy Button, and Dave Raabe.

Three teams scored 39. First Don Baer, Lloyd Helseth and Dale Ende; second came Pete Berglund, Van Pierce, and Jack Doyle; and third came Roger Kozak, Jack Stewart, and Bob Kast.

One team at 40 was awarded prizes. The members were Rich Morse, Ray Lynn, and Jim Stewart.

Shot of the day goes to Jack Stewart for his 36-foot birdie putt on the 12th hole. Five others made shorter putts for a bird. Ask Elmer and Ted who did it.

Tee time will be the same next Tuesday. We enjoyed the guests from Beresford and Sioux Falls.

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