Gov. Rounds wins friendly bet

Gov. Rounds wins friendly bet
More than a piece of the NCC championship crown was on the line Saturday as the USD Coyotes faced UND in the DakotaDome.

Some tasty beef was at risk. The Coyotes' 42-30 victory means Gov. Rounds is able to stock his freezer with some choice T-bones from North Dakota.

Rounds and North Dakota Gov. John Hoeven agreed to a friendly wager on the outcome of Saturday's gridiron match.

Rounds agreed to send Hoeven an assortment of South Dakota Certified Beef premium steaks if the Fighting Sioux were victorious.

It turns out that Rounds needn't have worried. The South Dakota governor received an assortment of Sheyenne Valley Quality Assured all natural beef steaks from Hoeven, thanks to South Dakota's victory.

Rounds was confident last Friday that he'd be the winner of the bet.

"This title game will be a great match-up between two very good football teams," Rounds said. "As much as I want Gov. Hoeven to enjoy a great steak, I've got a good feeling that USD will emerge victorious on Saturday."

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