Healthy Hunter announces winners

Healthy Hunter announces winners
More than 1,000 hunters registered for free GPS units at the Healthy Hunter Web site at Winners were Weyland Anderson, Rapid City; Diane Bucholz, Highmore; Bob Ladner, Whitewood; Stephen Wilson, Vermillion; and Jason Olson, Sioux Falls.

The Healthy Hunter campaign was developed by the Department of Health in collaboration with Game, Fish and Parks to help hunters be more active and eat healthier in preparation for hunting season. Visitors to the Healthy Hunter Web site were encouraged to register for the free GPS units sponsored by the two departments as a tool for mapping and monitoring distances for physical activity.

The Department of Health created the www.HealthySD.

gov in January to provide a resource for credible information related to nutrition and physical activity. The Healthy Hunter section was added in September to provide specific information for hunters, including a six-week training plan to prepare for hunting season, information on healthy eating, healthy snacks and even recipes for wild game.

"Hunting is such a big part of South Dakota's culture. Tying a healthy eating and physical activity message to such a popular pastime was a good way to reach a population that can be more difficult to target with healthy messages," said Linda Ahrendt, nutrition and physical activity coordinator for the Department of Health. "We were very pleased to see the interest in the Healthy Hunter Web site and hope to expand the information for next year's hunting season."

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