Hofman prepares to travel to Guatemala

Hofman prepares to travel to Guatemala
A new adventure is awaiting Ariel Hofman, a junior at Vermillion High School.

On Nov. 12, she will accompany her aunt, Jill Mortensen, a nurse at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, on a journey to Antigua, Guatemala.

"A major part of this is I've been interested in going into a medical field, perhaps surgery, and this will be a good chance to see how the job works," she said.

Hofman will also be given the rare opportunity to mingle with people from another culture during her week-long stay in Guatemala.

Antigua is located a short distance from the country's capital, Guatemala City.

"I've taken three years of Spanish," she said, "and this will be a good cultural experience. It's important to know how people in other regions of the world live, and their different traditions."

Hofman will be part of a non-medical team. She will take pictures of patients and travel to orphanages, schools and other areas, doing everything from playing with children to helping them with school lessons.

In the meantime, medically-certified staff, such as Ariel's aunt, will care for people's health needs.

"I'll be able to help by talking with patients and filing records," Ariel said. "This will be a new experience for me."

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