Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor
Support Cherry Street

To the editor:

We would like to request the mayor and city council to pass a resolution on Nov. 21 to support the DOT Project Proposal for Cherry Street and the safety and future of Vermillion.

Thank you.

Supported by

concerned citizens for the future of Vermillion,

Howard and Alice Willson, Dennis Zimmerman, Scott Schempp,

Curt Schempp,

Dave and Mary Lou


David Hertz,

Al and Pat Pravecek and David and JoAnne Raabe

Fantastic support

To the Editor:

Residents of Clay County have been extremely generous in helping the victims of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma through your donations and prayers. The American Red Cross is one of the disaster relief organizations that has provided assistance to people of the Gulf States thanks to your help. On behalf of the Sioux Empire American Red Cross, I would like to say thank you so very much for helping others, people you will likely never get to meet.

The outpouring of support, whether to the Red Cross or other fantastic relief organization, has come from individuals, businesses, school fundraisers, organizations, churches and more. As of Nov. 4, the Sioux Empire Red Cross had received $8,011.61 from Clay County residents.

This money was wired to the national American Red Cross to pay for food, shelter, cots, blankets, water, medicine and more. The efforts from residents of Clay County made a big difference in the lives of people who were impacted by the hurricanes, and the season does not end until Nov. 30.

We registered 119 Gulf State evacuees who traveled to the Sioux empire area as they have friends or relatives living here. Many plan to become permanent South Dakota residents.

As we approach the winter months which is the time for the greatest number of house fires, please consider a donation to the Sioux Empire Red Cross to help with local disasters. In the past three years, the Sioux Empire Red Cross has responded to 249 local disaster cases and assisted 1,841 people.

Have your furnaces serviced, install new batteries into smoke detectors, don't overload outlets or cords with holiday lights, make a family escape plan, make or purchase a home disaster kit and be prepared.

Thank you for all your support. Have a happy and safe holiday season.


Jeff Stingley

Chief Executive Officer

Sioux Empire American Red Cross

Sioux Falls

Kudos to our public servants

To the editor:

FANTASTIC, AWESOME, PICTURE PERFECT � we can use these words and phrases to describe the work of Vermillion's on and off duty employees in the electrical distribution department, the city police department, fire and rescue department, ambulance department, all city departments, the volunteers in the fire and rescue department, the volunteers in the ambulance department and everyone else in Clay County and Vermillion who are not named above but also deserve credit for their work on traffic control, dispatch, law enforcement, to get the power back on and the many

other jobs Saturday night when power went out in Vermillion.

Great job everyone! Always remember the following thought when you are being criticized unfairly by one or two people. Keep smiling because there are many, many, many other folks thinking and saying "Thank you! God Bless You!"


Grant Sammelson


Listen for the bells

To the editor:

It is that time of year again, when in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, the sight of the Salvation Army's Christmas kettles and the sound of the bells remind us to be thankful for what we have and to think of others less fortunate.

Often when people think of those in need, they picture the homeless in large cities, not realizing the Salvation Army is hard at work here in the Vermillion community.

As cuts in social services takes a toll on the poor, particularly the rural poor, the Salvation Army Extension Service Unit in Vermillion is asking for our community support through the Christmas Kettle campaign. The funds provide utility assistance, nourishment, and shelter for Clay County residents. The Salvation Army's Clay County Service Extension Unit puts Christmas kettle funds to work right here � all year long. We expect an even greater demand for services this year, and need your support more than ever.

By donating to the red kettles or offering your time to bell ring, next year can mean a brighter future and renewed chance for many Clay County residents. Bell ringing will be done at Hy-Vee and Jones' Food Center on Fridays and Saturdays.

Last year we raised $3,000; hopefully we can exceed that this year. If you have questions about Salvation Army services or are able to bell ring, please contact Pastor Devon Davoux at 624-8809.

May God bless you!


Pastor Devon Davoux

Bell Ringing


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