MidAmerican lobbies to ensure energy funding

MidAmerican lobbies to ensure energy funding
As Americans prepare to face record-high home heating bills this winter, MidAmerican Energy Company announced Nov. 3 that it is joining the Campaign for Home Energy Assistance.

The campaign, a lobbying coalition dedicated to ensuring funding for the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, was created with the singular purpose of promoting federal funding for energy assistance to the most vulnerable Americans. David Fox, executive director for the campaign � which includes nearly 40 utility companies, energy-related associations and assistance organizations across the country � welcomed MidAmerican's participation. "It's heartening too see an increasing number of energy companies and other businesses stepping forward to place LIHEAP funding at the forefront of Congress' agenda this winter. We greatly appreciate MidAmerican's support," Fox said.

"MidAmerican has always made support for the LIHEAP program part of its public policy agenda," said MidAmerican president Todd Raba. "The enormous challenge facing low-income Americans this winter led us to join the campaign.

"There are no easy answers to the energy crunch facing our customers and the American people this winter, but we are doing everything we can to encourage conservation and compassion for those least able to bear the costs of these record-high prices."

MidAmerican has increased energy efficiency rebates effective Sept. 1 and stepped up communications efforts.

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