Seventh graders have great volleyball season

Seventh graders have great volleyball season
This is a final report for the seventh-grade 2005 volleyball team.

There are 18 girls on the roster and every member was assigned to a designated team, i.e. Red team and White and Black teams.

Red team � Jana Bye, McKinsie Huska, Jessica Martensen, Shelby Covill, Carlee Sorensen, Sarah Syzmonski, and Bethany Prinsen.

White and Black teams � Janani Ragothaman, Courtney Elle, Tatum Zimiga, Lara Cafruny, Emily VanDenHul, Sadie Winkler, Maelyn Tietz, Tasina Smith, Shawna Notebom, Alexa Thompson, and Taylor Tigert.

It was expected that players might be switched when in competition with other schools.

This is a run down of the final week's team results in competition:

Oct. 3 vs. EP/J � All three teams lost; Oct. 4 vs. Humbolt � All three teams lost; Oct. 10 vs. Canton � White team won, Red team lost; Oct. 13 vs. Yankton � Combined White and Black teams each won; then the White team lost and the Red team won.

"We had a great season and I was proud of all the girls," said Coach Nick Mayer. "My goal at the beginning was not to win or lose, but to make sure each member of the team continually improved. By the end of the season, we were right where I wanted to be."

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