Volleyball team ends season with loss in District 8 semis

Volleyball team ends season with loss in District 8 semis
On Nov. 1, the Tanager varsity volleyball team ended its season with a loss to the Huskies in the District 8 semi-finals played in Elk Point. The four-game match had scores of 9-25, 20-25, 25-21, and 8-25.

Significant stats for individual Tanager members were: Michelle Olson � 17 P, 21 A, 10 K, 1 B, 10 D, 12 SP; Kinsey Weydert � 4 A, 2 K, 6 D, 20 SA, 9 SP; Paige Prosser � 8 P, 5 D, 9 SP, 2 aces; Ariel Hofman � 20 P, 4 A, 9 D; Krista Froke � 3 P, 18 A, 4 K, 2 D, 4 SP; Nicole Orr � 11 P, 7 D; Brittney Babb � 8 A, 2 B, 2 D, 5 SP; Alicia Brown � 4 P, 12 A, 3 D; Brittany Bye � 7 A, 5 K, 2 B, 5 D, 9 SP; and Brittni Stewart � 1 P, 9 A, 4 K, 2 D. The team's final record is 10-13.

"This was a bitter way to end a promising season. The ladies in red claimed their second straight Big 8 Conference title, but couldn't overcome the athletic EP/J Huskies when it really counted," said coach Lenni Billberg.

The coach added that highlights of the season included: the first successful "Yah/23" combo, amazing defensive saves by Alicia Brown and Ariel Hofman, the constant presence of Michelle Olson, the motivation of Paige Prosser, the dominating blocks of Brittney Babb, Krista Froke's consistent attacks, Nicole Orr's racing saves, Brittany Bye's game changing fervor, Kinsey Weydert's quest to be better, Raychel Lorenz' 150 percent effort, and the positive attitudes of the ladies on the bench.







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