Wakonda kindergarten visits Garritys’ Prairie Gardens

Wakonda kindergarten visits Garritys' Prairie Gardens
Everyone knows how much fun it was to take their first field trip to Garritys'. Garritys' Prairie Gardens in rural Yankton sets the perfect fall scene with pick-your-own pumpkins and apples.

Mrs. Holoch and her Wakonda kindergarten class went to Garrity's for their first field trip of the year; never were a bunch of kids so excited.

The activities ranged from picking pumpkins to a giant wagon ride. Haleigh Melstad, a kindergartener at Wakonda School commented, "I liked to feed the goats."

A lot of the kids had their favorites, from going through the hay maze to even being inside a walk-in refrigerator. The employees showed the kids how to pick apples and they learned tons of interesting facts. At the end of the day they had a picnic on the tables with their new pumpkins and then went home.







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