Wakonda Oral Interp competes in districts

Wakonda Oral Interp competes in districts
A good majority of people love to have attention and people listening to them talk, or they like listening to themselves talk either way. Well, Wakonda was proud of the Oral Interpretation contestants as they competed at Vermillion in their District competition.

The competition was difficult considering many area schools were competing such as Hurley, Centerville, Marion, and many more in

attendance. Making the determining factors tough, only two from each category may advance to Regions, if that category is filled.

Patrick Morrison, a junior from Wakonda, was ready to win in Oratory with his piece Almost but Not Quite, by John Hastie, which is detailing the life of a teenager and how they are almost an adult but not quite.

Jeanne Renaudin, junior from Wakonda was excited to steal some laughs from the audience as well as the judges with, Still Life of a Woodpecker, by Tom Robbins which is based on a red-haired couple living together. Take a wild guess on the color of Renaudin's hair.

?What a world of merriment their melody foretells.' Many of you may recognize Poe's talent in this poem, The Bells. Adrianne Logue, a junior from Wakonda High preformed this Edgar Allen Poe poem for piece poetry.

Tragedy is all around us � we are surrounded with it more often than not. Courtney Nelson, the final junior from Wakonda, read a story about a mother letting go, The Courage Not to Fight, by Denise Wicks-Harris.

For the final performance, Adrianne Logue, Courtney Nelson, Patrick Morrison, Megan Book, Jeanne Renaudin, and Katie Soko-lowiski acted out, The Highway Man, by Alfred Noyes in Readers Theater.

Wakonda had two going on to Regions. Courtney Nelson and Patrick Morrison both won their round this year. "It was exciting and thrilling, but I'm glad I'm not going alone," said Nelson. Regions were Tuesday, Nov. 15 in Sioux Falls.

However it is pretty much unanimous, when it comes to competing in Oral Interpretation, they all look forward to Seconds Competition. Taking place at Mount Marty, the Wakonda kids will battle against all classes

"I think it's an even bigger deal than State," said Adrianne Logue. Seconds Competition will take place at the end of November.

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