Wakonda takes the Mix It Up Day challenge

Wakonda takes the Mix It Up Day challenge
Every day people go to their jobs, go to lunch, go back to work and then go home. We don't realize it but it becomes a pattern, yet no one dares to break it. Like at most jobs when people go to lunch they eat with the same people every day, talking about their lives.

Just as it goes with students at school; however, on Nov. 15, the students from Wakonda were in the mood to Mix It Up.

That day, the students got into line and expected to eat with the same people they ate with for the past several years; instead they got a colored mark on their hands and were told to sit at the table with that color. Teachers were in this as well.

"It was a lot of fun," said Mrs. Huber, English teacher for Wakonda. "It was interesting to talk with people and despite what others think that in a small school you know everyone, there were a lot of people I don't get the chance to talk to very often."

The cooks of Wakonda agreed with it and said that they would like to see this at least once a month.

Emily Ganschow, a junior from Wakonda said, "It was definitely different, something new and fun as well. You sit with people you don't normally eat lunch with and talk with others you have never spoken to. I hope to do it again, even once a month would be good, breaking up the cliques. Getting a new variety of friends is good for everyone."

Dana White, the student council advisor, set up the entire Mix it up Day.

"I was just looking through old files and came across it. The students had done it a few years ago and I went to them and asked what it was about. They were very excited about doing it and I went to Mr. Hutchison and asked him about it, he immediately agreed with it."

A lot of good things were said about it from many of the students and some of them even hope to do it again. It just goes to show you, no matter how small of a school there will always be that one person you haven't spoken to yet.

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