WHS principal speaks at Community Club meeting

WHS principal speaks at Community Club meeting
The regular monthly Wakonda Community Club meeting was held Wednesday, Nov. 2 at noon in the Senior Citizens Center.

The meeting was taken up mainly with reports. The recent Santa's Shack brought in over $500, besides providing activity for a number of local entities that always benefit from the event in addition to bringing people to Wakonda.

Dave Hutchinson, local high school principal, brought considerable information relative to: school enrollment, the sharing of teachers between the Irene and Wakonda schools; support for small schools and the need to be aware of the changes in financial support. He also commented on the Science Lab which will be coming to Wakonda on Nov. 28.

Correspondence was recognized from the Siouxland Blood Bank, with appreciation for the recent donor activity at the McMahon Center; there was a letter of thanks from the YBA organization for the club's support. Over 4,800 students have attended the annual summer program they sponsor. Wakonda has been represented for quite some time. One of the fall highlights is receiving a report from the local student who has participated.

The Public Broadcasting System had written asking if the club members could participate in their telethon this fall. Pastor Tom Peterson brought some word relative to the local Food Pantry and the need to find a suitable location.

The Santa Appreciation Day in December was briefly noted and Sheriff Andy Howe made some comments about that department's work.

In the report from Heritage Manor, it was noted that the Sweet Adelines would be presenting a program at the Manor on the evening of Nov. 7. Thanks from the Manor was conveyed to the general public for their support of the recent Fall Festival.

The Yard of the Month award goes to the Glen and Tracy Taggart home in the 100 block on Kansas Street.

Twenty members were in attendance for the monthly meeting.

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