Dakota Turkey Growers has new business name

Dakota Turkey Growers has new business name
Dakota Turkey Growers, LLC, the grower owned company and supplier of high-end turkey products to major food companies announced today that the company will utilize the name "Dakota Provisions" in marketing its products.

Ken Rutledge, Dakota Provisions' president and chief executive officer, said that broadening the scope of the processing company's identity will allow for the company to widen its position in the future.

"Our name and logo reflects our plans for future expansion into other products. As a company who is proud of its South Dakota roots, Dakota Provisions is an appropriate identity for our clients to become accustomed to as we begin production," said Rutledge.

Several marketing initiatives are being implemented in preparation of Dakota Provisions coming on line with production in January. Establishing relationships with key food companies and food service outlets will ensure that product has secure placement upon processing.

"We are working with several key entities to prepare for production in January. Through sales and marketing efforts including the launch of a new Web site and other direct sales contact we will be established and prepared to offer our wide array of products and services to customers both nationally and internationally," said Rutledge.

� Scheduled to begin full production Jan. 9, 2006, the state-of-the-art facility located on the 110 acre campus east of Huron will hire 300 employees. Production will begin with 14,000 head per day and ramp up to 27,000 head in 2008.

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