Goosemobile begins tour across South Dakota

Goosemobile begins tour across South Dakota
Adding value to South Dakota agriculture products by further processing them in the state is the recent pitch coming from many of the states mainline ag commodity organizations. This concept is nothing new to the Goosemobile people who for the twenty-second year are producing, processing and direct marketing their products. Everything happens in South Dakota!

The Goosemobile will be in the Vermillion area on Dec. 14. It will stop at Gayville at 9:15 a.m., Meckling at 9:45 a.m., and at the Pamida parking lot at 10:15 a.m.

Eighteen years ago goose was the sole product available from the original meat market which was then commissioned � Goosemobile. Today, beef, chicken, goat, lamb, pork and all types of poultry are on the product menu.

A "niche" has become a popular marketing concept. The Goosemobile meat niche is grass. All Goosemobile meats are produced in an environment whereby the animals and birds have access to grass.

Research indicates that meat from grass fed animals and birds are characteristically low in fat. But, most importantly there is more "good fat" (omega 3 and linoleic acid) and less "bad fat" (saturated).

Eulyla Foster of Fulton provides the goat meat. Foster said, "Most of the customers of the Goosemobile like the idea that all meats are raised, processed and marketed by South Dakotans, but most importantly they prefer the health values of grassfed meats."

The 22nd annual holiday tour of the South Dakota Goosemobile around the state commenced on Nov. 29. By Dec. 17, the mobile will have visited 185 communities for a short stop. In case of inclement weather or other reasons, the schedule for the day or days missed will be repeated during the week of Dec. 19-23.

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