Help replace books destroyed by hurricanes

Help replace books destroyed by hurricanes
Help fill the libraries emptied by Hurricane Katrina. Many libraries along the Gulf Coast lost their collections to the hurricane. Join the USD School of Education and ID Weeks Library to help restock their shelves. We know many of you have extra books around your house and office, books the bookstore wouldn't buy back or wouldn't pay enough for. Donate all kinds of books, in good condition, at the following locations: Delzell Education Building at USD, ID Weeks Library at USD, USD Book & Supply at 440 E. Cherry, and Vermillion Public Library at 18 Church Street. Donations for books and for postage will also be accepted. Make checks payable to Amy Schweinle and send to USD School of Education, c/o Dr. Schweinle, 414 E. Clark St., Vermillion, SD 57069. Call 677-5841 or email for more information.







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