The best festival ever

To the editor:

I would like to thank all of the people who attended the Friends of the W. H. Over Museum's�annual Christmas festival on Sunday, Dec. 4. In spite of the cold weather, we had a tremendous number of visitors who enjoyed the multitude of activities taking place that afternoon.

I would especially like to thank all of the exhibitors, the groups who performed in Sletwold Hall throughout the afternoon, the Friends for so generously providing wonderful baked creations for both the bake sale and the hospitality table, and for the Vermillion Girl Scouts and their leader, Nancy Noiva, for spending the entire afternoon in the Discovery Room entertaining our young visitors.� George Schlenker was a wonderful Santa, and Starburst the clown fascinated the children throughout the festival. Our Parade of Trees was the best ever and I would like to thank all of the clubs and individuals who provided this treat for our eyes.

Every year I think we have had the best festival ever � and every year we do. Our annual festival is just one of the grand events that we provide for our patrons each year. Our next event will be a "Member Art Show" beginning Dec. 17 in Sletwold Hall.

The Friends of the W. H. Over Museum would like to wish everyone a good holiday season and also to invite everyone to participate in our activities and to join the Friends organization to help continue providing these quality events.

With warm regards,

Maxine Johnson


Friends of the W. H. Over Museum

Tragedy not forgotten

To the editor:

We would like to send a belated thank you for doing such a wonderful job of covering the mudslide in Guatemala. Our e-mails went out all over the U.S. and people kept writing back and saying that the news just wasn't covering it.

We referred them to the online Plain Talk. Our local paper did cover it, in fact much better then even most national newspapers.

As we found out in Guatemala, life is very fragile. When disaster strikes the poor in a poor country, they do not have many resources and they are soon forgotten.

In covering this story you made real the events and faces of our friends in Guatemala.

Diane Nesselhuf, Vikki Fix, Peggy Cooper,

Representing Sharing the Dream in Guatemala, Vermillion

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