Mulberry Bend Overlook closed

Mulberry Bend Overlook closed
Missouri National Recreational River Superintendent Paul Hedren has announced that the Mulberry Bend Overlook has been closed temporarily.

Heavy snow and ice have made conditions there unsafe for visitors. Hedren stated that the overlook will be reopened as soon as conditions allow.

Mulberry Bend Overlook is on the Nebraska side of Highway 15 at the new Missouri River bridge connecting northeast Nebraska and southeast South Dakota. From the overlook, at which interpretive exhibits have been installed, visitors have an outstanding view of the river in its relatively free-flowing nature, a river that Lewis and Clark would likely recognize.

The Missouri National Recreational River is made up the two free-flowing segments of the Missouri River totaling 98 miles that still exhibit some of the river conditions and adjacent national landscapes encountered by the Lewis and Clark Expedition and later explorers and settlers.

For more information, contact George Berndt at 402-667-2550.

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