On-line tutorial highlights electronic tax filing

On-line tutorial highlights electronic tax filing
Business owners interested in filing and paying their state taxes electronically can get a crash course on how to use the South Dakota Department of Revenue and Regulation's SD QUEST system with a new on-line tutorial now available on the department's website.

SD QUEST (Quick Easy Secure Tax Filing) allows businesses to file and pay their state sales, use and contractors' excise taxes via the Internet or telephone. The system is free to users but businesses must be registered with the department prior to accessing and using the system. The on-line tutorial is designed to give businesses an idea of how the Internet system works before they decide whether or not to become a SD QUEST user.

The seven-minute tutorial walks the viewer through the application process (including choosing a password), how to access the SD QUEST Web site once they have been approved as a user, and offers a step-by-step look at completing and submitting a state sales tax return. The tutorial is available in a narrated version for computer users with speakers or a Powerpoint version for those not utilizing speakers on their computer.

Since its implementation in 1999, 173,758 returns have been filed through the SD QUEST system with an average of 4,203 filed monthly in fiscal year 2005. Nearly $1,395,688,724 in taxes has been collected via the system since October 1999.

Business owners can access the SD QUEST tutorial by going to the South Dakota Department of Revenue and Regulation's Web site at�http://www.state.sd.us/drr2/SDQUEST�and clicking on "SD QUEST Sales Tax Return Tutorial". For more information on SD QUEST, call the department's toll-free helpline at 1-800-TAX(829)-9188.

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