Part D leaves Bob befuddled, bewildered

Part D leaves Bob befuddled, bewildered
I've been confused before, so the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program shouldn't bother me � but it does.

The first time I was baffled came when a gal from Pierre tried to explain the workings of the computer to me.

She was bubbling with enthusiasm � and she almost convinced me � but she talked with so much technological jargon that I was lost after the first byte.

She sold herself � and the computer � in five minutes. Then she spent a couple of hours buying herself � and the computer � back again.

That's when I returned to my ol' Smith-Corona which never gave me any problems � except when I tried to put another ribbon in.

The next occasion when I became perplexed was the time I attempted to make something out of the income tax code. I gave up after trying to fathom the paragraphs on depreciation and amortization. No wonder it takes a CPA to figure it out.

And the farm programs aren't any easier. The Agricultural Department in Washington, DC, must have people in Ivory Towers who dream up the stuff that drives a fellow to his attorney just to make sure he fills out the forms right.

That's why the new drug plan shouldn't worry me!

I have read countless proposals from insurance company solicitors who tell me how much I could save on my prescription costs by enrolling in THEIR program. Methinks somebody is making a buck somewhere or they wouldn't be hawking their product so much.

Could it be that they were just trying to be nice to me?

I've talked to my pharmacist, and I'm still confused � buy at a higher level!

I'm just a layman, but it seems to me that the government should make the drug plan easier to understand instead of mystifying the folks with all those co-pays, deductions and formularies to fuss over.

I asked Phyllis to explain Part D to me, but she is as bewildered as I am. I usually depend on her to straighten me out, but this time we ended up with both of us befuddled.

I guess I should have paid more attention to the computer gal because of all the dot-com addresses that I'm supposed to use to get more information about the prescription program.

However, I'll go on in my ignorance and hope it all works out. Of course, I would just throw up my hands and say t'hell with it, but something tells me that would be going counter to the government � like refusing to file my income tax.

I wouldn't want to go to the slammer on bread and water because I didn't enroll in a Part D program. The President has promised us that it can't happen in America.

But, then, I wonder about the drug plan. Is there something in the small print I'm missing?

� 2005 Robert F. Karolevitz

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