Red Cross encourages video holiday messages

Red Cross encourages video holiday messages
The Sioux Empire American Red Cross encourages residents to send video messages to their loved ones, friends or co-workers who are serving in the U.S. military, especially at this time of year.

"The holidays are a wonderful time to send a message, in video and sound, to the men and women of any branch of the military who are protecting our freedoms," said Sioux Empire Red Cross CEO Jeff Stingley.

The Sioux Empire American Red Cross is one of about 46 Red Cross Chapters in the nation that has the equipment to make the video and send to the military member using the Internet. The video is free to the military member as well as the individuals making the video.

Persons wishing to make a video can call the Sioux Empire Red Cross office to set an appointment at the Red Cross office, or if there are several messages to be sent by several individuals, such as co-workers, the Sioux Empire Red Cross will bring the equipment to that office.

A two-minute video will be made and sent electronically. The Red Cross will need a valid e-mail address of the military member at the time of making the video. A copy of the video will also be sent to the individual making the video.

Project Video Connect was launched by the Sioux Empire American Red Cross two years ago. Messages can be sent to members in any branch of the U.S.. military, whether in the United States, a foreign country or even an aircraft carrier.

Normal hours of the Sioux Empire American Red Cross are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Other times outside the normal schedule are also possible. The phone number is 605-336-2448. Mileage and meal expenses are required for locations outside of Sioux Falls.

"The men and women protecting us have given sacrifices for the rest of us," said Stingley. "Here is a great opportunity to send holiday wishes from South Dakota to these great people who may be thousands of miles away from home," he added.

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