Secretary of Public Safety urges safe use of alternative heat sources

Secretary of Public Safety urges safe use of alternative heat sources
Department of�Public Safety Secretary Tom Dravland is urging citizens to use extreme caution when using temporary means to heat their homes and provide electricity.

"As a result of Operation Door to Door, we have found there are many citizens out there who have chosen to remain in their homes," said DPS Secretary Tom Dravland. "Additionally, we have found some situations of homes using extremely dangerous alternate heating sources that create carbon monoxide and fire hazards."�

Dravland said he's heard reports of people using outdoor�propane grills,�candles, kerosene lamps and gas heaters to try to stay warm. He says generators are also causing problems because people are bringing them inside or operating them inside their garages.�Indoor use is strongly discouraged as these devises produce dangerous fumes.

If people are resorting to these measures to keep warm, Dravland says it's time for them to seriously consider finding another place to stay.��He suggests contacting�friends, relatives or�a�local shelter.

Local media and NOAA weather radio is providing shelter information. A list is also available on the state Web site�, click on state news web.

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