South Dakota National Guard responds to winter storm

South Dakota National Guard responds to winter storm
In the wake of the first winter storm of the seasonon Nov. 27-28, the South Dakota National Guard has responded to more than 15 requests from communities in need of assistance in central and eastern South Dakota.

Since Gov. Michael Rounds declared South Dakota in a state of emergency, he has activated more than 40 National Guard personnel for state active duty and has identified nearly 30 armories across the state, that are able to receive people if the need arises. The Guard has so far responded by supplying a variety of community shelters with generators, cots, blankets, and meals. The Guard is also assisting power companies with two helicopters to assess damage to power lines in inaccessible areas.

The South Dakota National Guard will continue to provide support to the effected communities as requested. Currently, more than 160 soldiers remain on duty in Iraq, but nearly 3,500 National Guard men and women are still serving in a non-active duty status in South Dakota to continue to provide support for state and national emergencies and homeland defense.







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