Tornadoes steal win from Eagles by one

Tornadoes steal win from Eagles by one
The Centerville Tornadoes and Irene-Wakonda Eagles went head to head on Thursday, Dec. 8 in the Wakonda gym. Throughout the entire match it was a close game. The final score was Irene-Wakonda Eagles, 45 and Centerville Tornadoes, 46.

Andrea Bakke scored 17 of the Eagles' 45 points and had four assists for the Eagles. Keri Hansen scored 19 of Centerville's 46 points for the Tornadoes and Krista Diercks handed out three assists for their team.

Shawna Knutson was the Eagles' top rebounder with five. Top rebounding honors for the Tornadoes went to Jessi Austin, Briana Austin and Katie Shubeck with six a piece. In the steal category Ashley Anderson had five steals for Irene-Wakonda and Centerville's Jessi Austin stole five as well.

Two freethrows were made by Krysta Diercks, Centerville, with only seven seconds left in the game to give Centerville the lead with one point. Senior Eagle Ashley Anderson brought the ball down the entire length of the floor and stroked a 10-footer from the left side that just fell short. The buzzer ended the game 46-45, Centerville Tornadoes.

The Eagle "B" team tore apart the Centerville Tornadoes' "B" squad, 46-6.

The Eagles go 0-2 to begin their team's debut and the Tornadoes are 2-0. You can catch the Lady Eagles in action on Monday, Dec. 19 as they go to Beresford to take on the Watchdogs.

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