USD professor joins Hurricane Katrina group

USD professor joins Hurricane Katrina group
The Department of Political Science at The University of South Dakota is pleased to announce that Assistant Professor Dr. Dwight Vick has been appointed to serve on the Katrina Advisory Group (KAG), a panel of experts dedicated to examining the problems that plagued the disaster response to the devastation Katrina left in its wake.

The group will apply its collective knowledge to improve the nation's response to future tragedies such as a major earthquake, hurricane or a dirty bomb in a large metropolitan area. Vick was selected to join KAG by the American Society for Public Administration, an organization that arranged for 20,000 people to be moved and housed following the hurricane.

As a member of KAG, Vick will be called upon to serve as a sounding board for different initiatives as they emerge and engage in projects that are within his interest and expertise. A wide range of possibilities for service exist through his participation with this group including work in study/research teams, civic assistance teams and state, regional, national and international conferences.

"I'll be working with the cohort on the delivery of social service programs in the aftermath of Katrina, particularly the delivery of programs dealing with alcoholism, drug addiction, domestic violence and suicide prevention. These always increase and cause long-lasting problems for a community and the people who live within them. The group will work on a variety of issues like the implementation of educational program and reform, military response to disasters, providing emergency medical and psychological care, to areas in which I will serve," Vick said.

The Katrina Advisory Group will work with the Katrina Task Force (KTF) to explore the governance chal-lenges and issues that arose when Katrina struck, including civic and volunteer engagement under disaster conditions. The task force consists of experienced academics and public administration practitioners with broad based knowledge, expertise and a commitment to strengthening the emergency management capacity of private and public agencies.

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