Wakonda, Irene schools open doors to help in making consolidation decision

Wakonda, Irene schools open doors to help in making consolidation decision
The Wakonda School District used the Irene/Wakonda girls' basketball game on Thursday, Dec. 8, to allow the public to view its facilities. Irene's building was also open for viewing the following day.

The purpose of the open building visitation is to allow patrons to view the current facilities of both school districts so that they can see what each school has to offer for learning facilities. Any consolidation plan is voted on by both communities.

Principal of both high schools, Dave Hutchison, states, "Mr. Johnke (Irene and Wakonda's superintendent), has proposed to both school boards that if we consolidate in the 2007-2008 school year that the K-6 be located in Wakonda and the 7-12 be located in Irene."

Amy Luxem and Patrick Morrison, both juniors from Wakonda, were tour guides at Wakonda. The tour guides informed the public about the new heating system installed this summer, as well as the underground fuel tank installed in 1999, and the new boiler installed in 2001. They also informed the public that in 1996, the older building was deemed structurally sound by the architect G.H. Mannes.

Wakonda School contains over 20 classrooms, five offices, and numerous storage rooms. The tour encompassed all of these rooms and facilities, except the shop and music building, which was open for free viewing.

The Wakonda staff was present to answer any questions about their rooms and curriculum. The administration, Superintendent Larry Johnke, Principals Dave Hutchinson and Kay Leuth, and Business Manager Carol Mayer, were also present to field comments and concerns.

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