Would you like to be a millionaire?

Would you like to be a millionaire?
The dream to someday strike it rich just may come true for a Meckling native.

Celeste Brantolino, originally from Meckling will have her chance beginning today.

Brantolino, who is a human resources consultant from Cranston, RI, will be a contestant in the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire hot seat on Friday, Dec. 2.

Area television viewers will have to be patient, however, to learn how she ultimately fares on the program.

Brantolino's holdover appearance on Millionaire won't be until Monday, Dec. 12, because the program will air its "Teacher Week" Dec. 5-9.

The popular television program, in which contestants must answer increasingly difficult questions on their way to hopefully win the grand prize of $1 million, can be seen 4 p.m. weekdays on Sioux City, IA's KMEG, or Sioux Falls' KSFY.

Brantolino, 39, a 1985 graduate of Wakonda High School, is the daughter of Janice Miller of Vermillion.

She and her husband are the parents of two children.

While growing up in Meckling, Brantolino liked to play "Game Show" instead of "House," so perhaps her appearance on Millionaire was meant to be. She and her friends would compete for prizes � usually her toys, she said.

According to a press release from Millionaire, Brantolino didn't tell anyone about appearing on the television program � not even her two children. They think she went to New York City on a business trip.

She expects they will both be definitely surprised when they tune in to the television show to find their mother in the hot seat.

Other interesting bits of biographical information provided by Millionaire: Brantolino said the oddest job she ever held was dressing up like a chicken to promote a restaurant back home in South Dakota.

It's a safe bet that the restaurant is Toby's of Meckling. She made about $10, and is thrilled to have the opportunity to win $1 million and not have to wear a costume.

Brantolino stated in the press release that if she wins big on Millionaire, she would pay off her mortgage, set up college funds for her kids and donate to Habitat for Humanity.

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