Hofer issues challenge to Lions

Hofer issues challenge to Lions
The Jan. 5 meeting of the Vermillion Lions Club introduced a visiting Lions Club member, Joanne Kaufman, from Freeman, and then asked for the introduction of two Vermillion guests: Bob Freese introduced by Lion Allen Johnson; Steven Heer by Lion Curt Robinson; and one Yankton guest, Robin Blevins, by Lion Barbara Campbell. Lion Keith Joy introduced his father, Vernon Joy, from Miller.

Lion Allen Johnson reported that the Christmas Boxes project was most successful. He noted the essential cooperation of a number of people involved in this project: namely, Mary Berglin, Food Pantry; Rose Hirocke, Social Services; Pastor Judy Johnson, Trinity Lutheran Church; Bob Bowker and Mark Upward, Vermillion Elementary Schools; and Lion Keith Joy, Thrivent.

Eleven volunteers helped in the final preparation of the 50 boxes on Dec. 18 � Lions Allen and Maxine Johnson, Keith Joy, Ross King, Jacquie Lonning, Richard McBride, and Curt Schempp, and Rotarians Kathy Chandler, Ed Nesselhuf, and Art Mabry as well as his spouse. The Vermillion Rotary Club was especially thanked for sharing in the cost of the items purchased at Hy-Vee and for the canned goods collected at their meetings.

The speaker for the meeting, Delmer Hofer, District 5-SE, Freeman, was introduced by President Christopherson. He emphasized the importance of the South Dakota Lions Eye Bank in returning sight to many individuals blind from cornea disease or injury. A visit to the Leader Dog Training School in Rochester, MI, by Lion Hofer and his wife Lion Shirley in July, 2005, was considered a most interesting experience. The school was started in 1939 and now has the status as one of the most outstanding dog training schools in the world.

Lion Hofer gave a challenge to the Vermillion Lions Club to not only work on bringing in new members, but also to work on retaining members. He stressed that the club should carefully consider any changes that could be made to meet the needs of the members.

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