Irene-Wakonda Eagles win two, lose one

Irene-Wakonda Eagles win two, lose one
The new year has just begun and with it comes a heavy season of basketball.

The Irene-Wakonda Eagles have played three games so far, ending with two victories and one loss.

First, the Eagles took on the Gayville-Volin Raiders at Irene on Jan. 5. The blue team dominated the Raiders for the entire game, winning 92-52.

Leading the team with high points: Eric Anderson with 21, and Robert Gregoire and Josh Nielson with 11 each. Contributing three rebounds each to the outstanding game was Adam Polley, Brock Mutchelknaus, and Anderson.

The Raiders' 22 turnovers gave the Eagles a dominating number of steals with Mutchelknaus, Nielson, and Henry Hauger all taking three. Starring in the assist category were Anderson and Nielson with six each, helping add to a very unselfish team total of 28.

The next game found the Eagles earning another win against the Hurley Bulldogs. On Jan. 10, the Eagles dominated the Bulldogs 62-47. Eric Anderson shot 100 percent for free throws with a total of 21 points in the game. Also scoring high were Adam Polley with 13 and Josh Nielson with 17.

Tyler Knudson and Polley both grabbed 10 rebounds and Anderson had seven. Polley also had six assists, with a team total of 15.

On Tuesday, Jan. 17, the Scotland Highlanders hosted the Eagles at the Mitchell Corn Palace in a double header with the girls' teams. Scotland jumped to a 12-7 lead in the first quarter and never looked back. Their inside game was difficult to stop for the smaller Eagles team.

I-W kept up much better in the second half, scoring 12 to Scotlands' 13 points in the third quarter and matching them with 15 in the fourth. However, the lead at half was the deciding factor as the Highlanders won 56-44.

There were five scorers for the Eagles: Eric Anderson with 22, Tyler Knudson with 8, Josh Nielson with 7, Adam Polley with 5, and Brock Mutchelknaus with 2. The Eagles shot 34.5 percent from the field as Scotland shot 45 percent.

Tyler Knudson led the team in rebounds with eight and Mutchelknaus and Eric Anderson had six. Nielson and Mutchelknaus handed out four and three assists, respectively.

The Irene-Wakonda Eagles' overall record in 6-3.

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