Lennox Orioles defeat Vermillion 33-27 Jan. 9

Lennox Orioles defeat Vermillion 33-27 Jan. 9
The Vermillion Tanagers fell short in a fourth-quarter comeback and lost to the Lennox Orioles 33-27 in girls' basketball Jan. 9 at home.

The Vermillion freshmen had trailed by 14 after three periods.

"The girls gave a very good effort this game," said Vermillion freshmen coach Leah Bakke. "Each of them came out intense, determined and ready to play. They all pressured the ball well, resulting in many steals and open lay-ups. For the first game, the girls performed well."

The Tanagers fell behind 6-2 at the end of the first period, trailed 15-10 at halftime, and then trailed 29-15 after the third period.

The loss dropped Vermillion to a record of 0-1, while Lennox improved to 3-0.

Vermillion hit 0 of 3 three-point attempts and sank 5 of 17 free throw tries. The Tanagers sank 11 of 33 field goal attempts, while Lennox was 13 of 37 from the field. Lennox connected on 1 of 4 three-point tries and connected on 6 of 10 free throw tries.

Individual Stats, Vermillion freshmen: Scoring � Brianna Brinkman, 10, Angie Christensen, 5, Sara Kjose, 4, Justine Sorensen, 4, Kayla Gale, 3, Becca Hawley, 1. Rebounds � Brinkman, 5, Hawley, 5, Sorensen, 5. Assists � Christensen, 3. Steals � Brinkman, 5.

Individual Stats, Lennox: Scoring � Melissa Vlastain, 11, Kristen White, 10, Josie Duraso, 5, Briana Mendel, 3, Betsy Jibben, 2, Paige Bolte, 2. Rebounds � Vlastain, 7, White, 4, Duraso, 4. Assists � White, 3. Steals � White, 2.

Team rebounds: Vermillion freshmen � 22, Lennox � 23. Team fouls: Vermillion freshmen � 3, Lennox � 15.

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