Notes from Pierre

Notes from Pierre
We passed three bills in the House concerning elections. House Bill 1001 will revise some provisions concerning election procedure. The first one has to do in the city commission race. In a special election of the city commission, it defines that the election is only for the remainder of the term for the election sought after. The second one says the election official only has to post two signs with instructions on how to vote instead of three. Change number three deals with county commission elections. It will give them 3-6 days to canvas an election. This bill passed 69-2.

House Bill 1002 concerns the type of documentation required for the registration of voters. If you have a South Dakota drivers license number you have to give that number. If you don't have a South Dakota license you will be allowed to use the last four digits of you Social Security number. I think this will help many people in our state. The bill passed unanimously.

Absentee voting was the content of House Bill 1003. It only concerns voting at the auditor's office. It will allow you to combine the envelope and the application. This also passed unanimously.

If an insurance producer is the age of 65, this bill will affect them. Normally when an agent takes continuing education classes, the agent then renews the license. The law said that an agent that is 65 doesn't have to take continuing education classes, so when does he renew the license? Now the agents will renew their license when they turn 65, and won't have to take continuing education classes if they are not selling, soliciting or giving advice on insurance issues. It passed the house 68-2.

Senate Bill 27 was passed by the Senate in the amount of $994,000 to back fill the 2005 State Fair to keep it operational through the end of June 2006. This bill does not impact the 2006 State Fair. The House heard the bill on Friday, and it passed there as well. It required a two-thirds vote because of the dollars attached to it. It was also declared an emergency, which means it will go into effect as soon as the Governor signs the bill, and not have to wait until July 1 when most bills start.

The annual joint memorial service for Legislators who have died was held Jan. 19 in the House chambers. Those honored were: Barney Boos of Sioux Falls, Donald Carlson of Rapid City, Doris Kumm of Watertown, Donald Peterson of Yankton, Henry Poppen of DeSmet, Eleanor Saukerson of Chamberlain, William Schroeder of Pierre, Floyd Snyder Jr. of Watertown, Mary Vandelinde of Sioux Falls, and John Vucurevich of Rapid City. Coffee and bars were served by the Capitol Club.

Remember, if I can be of any service to you or you just want to bend my ear, please contact me by phone, 605-773-3851, by fax, 605-773-6806, by mail, 500 E. Capitol Ave., Pierre, SD, 57501, or e-mail,

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