Robots rule in upcoming one-act play performance

Robots rule in upcoming one-act play performance
Vermillion High School thespians have been busy creating a world in which science, industry, and capitalism come together to form the perfect utopia.

But, as with most science fiction stories, all is not well in this vision of the future. Find out how this drama unfolds on Friday, Jan. 20 when Karel Capek's play R. U. R. will be presented at the Vermillion High School Performing Arts Center.

Written in 1920, R. U. R., Rossum's Universal Robots, was a trend setter. It was the first time the word "robot" was used in reference to mechanized people. Since then, the science fiction industry has been spinning out of control with them.

Robots have been an ideal medium for questioning man's place in the Universe. The robots in this play, when faced with a similar quandary, waste no time in answering it.

Don't miss this opportunity to see the result of their actions next Friday night. Show time is 7:30 p.m. and admission is free. This one-act cutting will also be performed at the regional one-act play contest held at Yankton High School on Jan. 24.

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