Tanager gymnasts defeat WC Trojans

Tanager gymnasts defeat WC Trojans
The West Central Trojans hosted a dual meet in the Sioux Falls "Power & Grace" gymnastics facility on Friday, Jan. 6, against the Vermillion Tanagers in both varsity and JV divisions.

The Tanager varsity team finished first, scoring 118.65 points, while WC had 101.90.

The Tanagers were led by Ariel Hofman as she scored 33.1 in all-around and took first place in all four events.

Another highlight for the evening was the Tanagers stuck a beam routine for the second time this year. Heather Zimmerman accomplished the feat as she scored 7.0 with a "no fall" routine on beam.

Seventh grader Amber Walker stepped up to the plate and competed at the varsity level for the second time this year. She finished fourth in the vault with a 7.7 score.

The uneven parallel bars continues to be the best event for the Tanagers. Hofman won the event, but Raychel Lorenz was second (7.85), Calle Sorensen was third (7.65), and Emily Renner was fifth (7.35).

"We did much better in certain areas and events," said coach Mark Upward. "But we still haven't put our best foot forward as a team yet."

Vermillion varsity scores and place in each event are:

Ariel Hofman � bars, 8.20, first; beam, 8.35, first; floor, 7.95, first; vault, 8.60, first; AA, 33.10, first.

Raychel Lorenz � bars, 7.85, second; beam, 4.40; floor, 6.60, fourth; vault, 6.80; AA, 25.65, third.

Tristen Upward � beam, 7.40, third; floor, 6.70, third.

Calle Sorensen � bars, 7.65, third; floor, 4.7; vault, 6.50.

Emily Renner � bars, 7.35, fifth.

Amy Mart � beam, 6.45, fifth.

DeNell Dykstra � beam, 2.90.

Heather Zimmerman � beam, 7.00, fourth; vault, 6.70.

Tia Krier � bars, 6.65; floor, 7.15, second.

Elly Melby � vault, 6.9.

Stacey Joy � floor, 3.7.

Amber Walker � vault, 7.70, fourth.

Totals � bars, 31.05; beam, 29.20; floor, 28.40; vault, 30.00.

Following are scores and places for JV competitors in each event:

Elly Melby � bars, 5.45, third; beam, 4.7, third; floor, 4.2, fourth.

Tristen Upward � bars, 4.50; vault, 7.0, second.

Emily Renner � beam, 5.80, first.

Calle Sorensen � beam, 4.25, fourth.

Molly Manning � floor, 4.3, third.

Amber Walker � bars, 4.75, fifth; floor, 5.0, second.

Emily Tracy � beam, 2.05; floor, 3.3; vault, 6.4, fifth.

Stephanie Thiesen � floor, 1.7.

Megan Bottolfson � vault, 6.2.

Stacy Joy � vault, 7.1, first.

JV team scores � VHS 75.00; WCHS 67.35.

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