Tanagers defeat Orioles in close match

Tanagers defeat Orioles in close match
The Vermillion Tanagers defeated the Lennox Orioles 52-46 in boys' basketball Jan. 13 at home in a matchup that was close throughout.

Jeff Donnelly scored 22 points, pulled down five rebounds and made two assists, and Kyle Brunick grabbed 12 rebounds, made two steals and one assist.

The Tanagers fell behind 11-10 after the opening period, led 28-25 at halftime, and then led 37-33 going into the final period.

"What a great win! I'm so proud of our effort defensively," said Vermillion varsity coach Jason Huska. "We took them out of their game. Everyone contributed to this win. We knew we were capable of this, but we needed to prove it."

Vermillion now has a record of 2-4, while Lennox fell to 6-3.

The Vermillion varsity sank 3 of 13 three-point tries and hit 13 of 20 free throw tries. The Tanagers hit 18 of 46 field goal attempts, while Lennox was 16 of 48 from the field. Lennox connected on 3 of 17 three-pointers and made 11 of 19 free throw attempts.

Individual stats, Vermillion varsity: Scoring � Jeff Donnelly, 22, Jordan Boots, 10, Chonka Wilch, 9, Andrew Pier, 6, Ryan Powell, 3, Bobby Dykstra, 2. Rebounds � Kyle Brunick, 12, Pier, 7. Assists � Donnelly, 2, Wilch, 2. Steals � Boots, 2, Brunick, 2.

Individual stats, Lennox: Scoring � Jared Vlastuin, 18, Bryant Larson, 16, Jordan Vlastuin, 4, Andy Koosman, 3, Andy Kruse, 2, Jared Stroman, 2. Rebounds � Jordan V., 10, Jared V., 7. Assists � Larson, 3. Steals � Larson, 2.

Team rebounds: Vermillion varsity � 41, Lennox � 30.

Team fouls: Vermillion varsity � 16, Lennox � 21.

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