‘Thank you for your gift’

'Thank you for your gift'
It's not unusual for Ross Dickenson to be pounding the pavement these days.

In his role as fund raising chairman for the Special Olympics in Vermillion, it's his duty to usually visit dozens of local businesses, asking for financial support to make it possible for the athletes to compete.

This year, however, something wildly different happened when he paid a visit to eTelecare Global Solutions.

"They asked me how much money we needed," he said, and I replied that we have 47 athletes and the cost is about $100 for each of them."

eTelecare soon contacted Dickenson, informing him the company had agreed to donate the entire $4,700.

"We have never had anything like this happen for the Vermillion Special Olympics," he said. "Not for as long as I've been fund raising chairman.

"I've been the fund raising chair for 13 years now, and you could've blown me away with a feather, it was just unbelievable," he said.

Tiffany, one of Vermillion's Special Olympians, was on hand when eTelecare's Cheri Buffington presented the $4,700 check to Dickenson.

"Thank you for your gift," Tiffany said, reading a poem she wrote for the special occasion. "We will do our best to bring home the gold."

Cheri Buffington, site director for eTelecare Global Solutions, presented Dickenson and the Special Olympics with the $4,700 check.

"It's so exciting for us to have this opportunity," she said, "to support our community, and to support all of these kids who have such big hearts and do such a great job representing themselves and us at the Special Olympics."

eTelecare does technical support and customer service for cell phone companies, and to their surprise locally, their corporate office sent a check for the full amount to help the Vermillion Special Olympics athletes.

"The Special Olympics does great things for self esteem," Dickenson said, "it does great things for their well being and it does quite a bit to keep them in shape.

"Every donation is special," he said, "because these people are special."

The donation will help pay for new uniforms and cover registration and other fees it takes to compete in the Special Olympics.

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