Wakonda Community Club plans Feb. 1 monthly meeting

Wakonda Community Club plans Feb. 1 monthly meeting
2006 membership status will be the number one item on the agenda for the Wakonda Community Club at its Feb. 1 monthly meeting.

The regular meetings are held with the intention of meeting from 12 noon until 1 p.m. There is a fairly good balance represented between active working people, older and retired folk and members from the school, Manor, and Sheriff's Department, as well as local businesses.

The club tries to act as an agent and channel for information as there are reports from the various entities previously mentioned.

The club supports and promotes the town and the school through athletic events support, scholarships, town clean up and beautification, just to name a few. Last year one of the major projects was rebuilding the sign for Wakonda on Highway 46.

Your help is greatly needed. If you have not already joined please stop in at the First Premier Bank. Dues are $5 per individual.

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