Wakonda students graduate from DARE

Wakonda students graduate from DARE

It was that time of year again for the fifth- and sixth-graders to graduate from the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program on Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2005.

The ceremony was conducted by Deputy Jeff Anders, DARE officer of Clay County Sheriff's Office, and speaker Tami Bern, Clay County state's attorney

The graduates included fifth-graders Eva Barnhart, Krysta Erickson, Ben Holman, and Mackenzie Huber, taught by Mr. Paulsen. The sixth-grade graduates were Pearl Gaidelis, Melissa Hessman, Phillip Hessman, Gregory Johnson, Janae Johnson, Lauren Mews, Alex Nelson, Michael Peterson, Michael Piper, Samantha Smith, Nick Taggart, and Cody Wagner. The sixth-graders are taught by Ms. Gillette.

Each graduate wrote an essay about what they had learned in DARE, ending with a pledge of their own. Mackenzie Huber won the fifth-grade division and Cody Wagner won the sixth-grade division.







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