Wakonda’s writing scores exceed state average

Wakonda's writing scores exceed state average
The Wakonda School District has always had a strong tradition of maintaining educational excellence, and this year was no exception.

Earlier this year, the Wakonda High School freshmen and fifth graders took the Stanford Writing Assessment to rate their performance in writing. Ideas, organization, and writing mechanics, among others, were all assessed.

This year, the freshmen achieved an average percentage of 69.6, greater than the state average of 64. In each individual category, the freshmen outperformed the state as well.

The fifth grade achieved perfect scores of 100 in three categories, and they had an average percentage of 90, compared with the state average of 50.3 percent.

Kay Leuth, the elementary principal, said "The fifth grade did a wonderful job displaying the educational excellence we strive for here at Wakonda. We'll continue to work hard, and we hope that next year the scores will be even better."

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