Wal-Mart focus of Jan. 25 forum

Wal-Mart focus of Jan. 25 forum
"Does Wal-Mart Represent Globalization at the Local Level?" will be the next topic of the International Forum sponsored by the USD School of Business.

The forum will be held Wednesday, Jan. 25 at noon in Old Main's Farber Hall on the USD campus.

Panelists include Dr. Ralph Brown (economics), Caitlin Collier (a Vermillion lawyer), Dr. Kumoli Ramakrishnan (finance and a native of India) and a representative of the USD Community for Peace and Justice.

Dr. Benno Wymar (economics/emeritus) will be the moderator.

As Wal-Mart sells products from throughout the world at its stores, it has been said that it is able to offer low prices to its customers. But it has also been claimed that it has forced its suppliers to shift operations abroad, resulting in the loss of U.S. jobs. These and other topics will be taken up by the panelists.

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