Bucklin to present paper at Oxford

Bucklin to present paper at Oxford

Steven Bucklin, professor of history at The University of South Dakota, has been selected to present his paper, "Can We Teach Them to Elect Good Men? The Application of Military Force in Mexico and Iran," at the Oxford Round Table in Oxford, England.

Bucklin will present his paper to 35-40 delegates at Pembroke College at the University of Oxford campus the week of Aug. 13-18. Bucklin's paper will examine the use of force to accomplish cultural change by comparing the American intervention in Mexico during the Woodrow Wilson administration to today's American intervention in Iraq. Bucklin will emphasize the similarities between Wilson and President George W. Bush, especially their world-views, and also the European responses to each American intervention.

"This is a wonderful opportunity to discuss U.S. foreign policy with other academics, business people and government personnel from around the world.�Oxford is among the top five universities in the world. What a great place to showcase some of the research conducted in the history department of The University of South Dakota," said Bucklin.







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