City council approves ambulance rate increase

City council approves ambulance rate increase
A trip to the hospital by ambulance in Vermillion will cost more, following action by the Vermillion City Council at its Feb. 6 meeting.

Aldermen agreed with Gary Myers, EMS director, to fine tune the ambulance rates to keep up with climbing costs.

Ambulance rates in Vermillion were last increased in July 2002.

Myers explained that effective Jan. 1, the Medicare-allowed amount for mileage for the ambulance service increased to $9.16 per loaded mile for trips from 1 to 17 miles.

The ambulance service had been operating at a rate of $8, meaning it wasn't receiving the full reimbursement allowed allowed by Medicare on mileage.

Myers noted that Yankton has raised its rates to $9.20 per mile and other communities have raised their rates to a higher amount.

Another challenge facing the ambulance service is the increase in fuel costs.

To help offset those costs, Myers said, the ambulance service is forced to increase its rates.

The rate for a typical in-town call is going up from $408 to $409.20.

A typical transfer charge will also change, from $904 to $979.60.

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