District 17 lawmakers sponsor several bills

District 17 lawmakers sponsor several bills
CNS ��District 17 lawmakers have prime sponsored a number of different bills at the 2006 South Dakota Legislature.

Prime sponsors have the main responsibility for pitching the bill to other lawmakers. They present the bill during committee hearings and on the floor of either house.

State lawmakers must make decisions on 462 bills this session, including 247 House bills, 208 Senate bills and seven joint resolutions.

The Legislature will meet consecutively until Feb. 28. Lawmakers will return March 20 for consideration of vetoes by Gov. Mike Rounds.

Sen. Ben Nesselhuff, D-Vermillion, sponsored the following bills:

SB 96 ��exempt religious organizations from sales and use taxes.

SB 114 ��prohibit certain video screens in motor vehicles.

SB 120 ��increase general funding for school districts, to impose a temporary limit on the growth of state general fund spending, and to suspend the transfer of moneys from the general fund to the budget reserve fund and to the property tax reduction fund.

SB 147 ��prohibit the use of certain vehicles with tail lamps and stop lamps upon which certain decorative coverings have been placed.

SB 163 ��revise certain provisions regarding the financial statements filed with the Office of Secretary of State by political party committees.

SB 164 ��require a pre-election campaign financing statement of candidates

for legislative office.

SB 194 ��revise the definition of wine for farm wineries.

Rep. Jamie Boomgarden, R-Vermillion, sponsored the following bill:

HB 1077 ��authorize water user districts to establish and operate wastewater systems.

Rep. Donna Schafer, R-Vermillion, sponsored the following bill:

HB 1202 ��revise certain provisions related to sexually transmitted diseases.

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