Dorian Festival an unforgettable event

Dorian Festival an unforgettable event
On Jan. 8 Emily Ganschow, Patrick Morrison, Brittany Rederick, and Courtney Nelson, along with their choral director Mrs. Jensen, all woke up around four in the morning, packed their bags and headed off for a five and a half hour drive to Decorah, IA, for a two-day vocal music festival � The Dorian Festival.

It is estimated that more than 1,400 ladies and gentleman attended the gathering to perform vocal music for others.

"We only sold 200 tickets because that's all we could fit in the room," said Director Craig Arnold. "Other than that there must have been thousands who wanted to attend the show."

On the first day participants were sent to the auditorium where they would go over the music for the next two days. The music pieces consisted of All Praise, written by Ron Nelson, and If Music Be the Food of Love, by David Dickau. Both songs were conducted by Craig Arnold.

The choir then split as the women and men both did their own separate songs. The Cloths of Heaven, by Eleanor Daley and conducted by Sandra Peter, was performed by the women. The men then followed with Locus Iste by Richard DeLong. This song was conducted by Allen Crowell.

During the two days the children were very excited and many made new friends.

"I can't recall the last time I'd ever had so much fun," says Courtney Nelson, a junior at Wakonda High School. "It was amazing just to be in the largest choir in the United States, and to make so many friends that have the same interest as you do was mind-blowing."

In the end the entire festival was a hit with members from the Nordic Choir, many hand selected vocalists, and the famous Chamber Choir. It was truly an unforgettable event.

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