First Responders hope for faster responses with new truck

First Responders hope for faster responses with new truck
Wakonda's First Responders are hoping to make faster responses to calls due to a new 2006 diesel power stroke, 4×4 truck.

The responders received the truck Jan. 24 from Rock Rapids, IA.

The First Responders group is made up of locally trained individuals who can get to people in need of help before the major medical EMTs are able to.

Wakonda's First Responders include: Daryl and Teri Madsen, Marsha Steffen, John Haver, Teresa and Eric Skonhovd, Mike Pollman, Jim Williams, Danny Rederick, Dale Nelson, Jessie Stockland, Jeanne Stockland, Torrey Mullinix, Allen Alsdorf, and Doug Hessman.

All were in agreement about needing a new truck because the old one was not reliable and it was impossible to find replacement parts at times. It wouldn't start and would quit on the way to calls so they couldn't get good enough response time.

They updated to a truck that has more room for storage so they will be better prepared for major disaster or a multiple casualty incident. It can hold two patients on cots, and has oxygen hookups (front and back).

"Also having 4×4 means we can go to places less accessible to get to a patient, such as farmers or hunters in the fields," Teri Madsen said.

The total cost of the truck is $60,500. The Clay County commissioners promised up to $30,000, Wal-Mart in Vermillion and First Premier Bank donated a portion, and the rest will come out of the allotted taxes.

Wakonda's First Responders are planning to have some fund raisers over the next five years to help pay for truck.

The biggest advantage for this purchase will be to the public. The response time will be better; more efficient. This will help the entire community and rural area.

The First Responders respond to people in need of first aid, CPR, strokes, heart attacks, pregnancy, school injuries, help out at nursing home, assist fire department, and motor vehicle accidents.

Wakonda's Fire Department and First Responders will have a fund raiser on Saturday, Feb. 18 at the Wakonda Legion Hall. There will be a pork loin supper starting at 5 p.m., with an auction to follow, and a dance by Midnight Special starting at 9 p.m. Come join them and help raise some cash!

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