Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

The topic of "abstinence only" education has been a hot discussion in many classes at the high school. My view on the subject, is that it would be a big mistake to exclude the other side of sexual education.

Kids need to be taught about protection and prevention, along with abstinence. Today kids are having sex in high school, and need to be aware of how to protect themselves, and also be told the consequences of their actions.

The abstinence side of the subject needs to be presented to kids much younger than their freshman year health class. As much as parents like to think that their children are oblivious to the subject of sex, they are not. In reality they have known about it long before high school.

In order to provide kids with a full understanding of the subject of sex, the abstinence side of sex education should be presented to kids, not just abstinence, but also prevention and protection.







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