Jerke is SESDAC employee of year

Jerke is SESDAC employee of year

SESDAC, Inc. announces that Caryn Jerke was selected Employee of the Year for 2005. Jerke graduated from USD with a bachelor of science degree in social work. She began working at SESDAC, Inc. in October of 2004 as a service coordinator.

In nominating Jerke for Employee of the Year, her co-workers were quoted as saying: "Caryn is a great advocate for the people supported by SESDAC." "She addresses difficult situations with great respect toward the people supported and employees of SESDAC." "Caryn is not afraid to do what she needs to do to make things happen for people and she works tirelessly until the outcome is achieved." "Caryn has been instrumental in connecting people with their families and helping people to be successful in what they want out of life." "She is a very caring, kind and compassionate person who is always willing to learn and help her co-workers."

The best thing about SESDAC, Inc. for Jerke is that what you put in, you get back 10-fold.







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