Let's be neighborly

To the editor:

I recently participated in a conversation at work about the way people live and what their property looks like in Vermillion.

"A home with no running water and not heat." "This is awful and he shouldn't live there!"

Each of us has the right to make choices. I live where and how I want and so do you.

There are homeless people in Vermillion. They choose where and how to live. Does the Vermillion City Council tell the homeless they can't live the way they do because they have no running water and no heat?

What happened to just being a neighbor? A neighbor, when I was young, always helped one another.

Who was the group who helped the gentleman that lived below the hill? This gentleman's home was fixed up according to code, to be livable again.

Whatever you think of your neighbor on Cottage Street, he is still your neighbor. Why wasn't a group of neighbors helping him or anyone else who needs help?

Wouldn't that be better than condemning his home and kicking him out? What happened to "community friendly Vermillion?"

If a gentleman's home is unliveable, let's take a look at rental property on West Main Street. This home was rented and after people moved in, the windows wouldn't open. They were painted shut. Also, in the basement, mold was growing.

Rental property is always (well, supposed to be) inspected for safety and for being up to code. Are our code inspector and landlords doing their jobs?

There is a trailer home that's rental property that doesn't get general maintenance every year and has mold growing in the bedrooms. And every year, tenants are blamed for what the landlord should have fixed routinely.

Are the landlords and the code inspector doing their jobs?

Is your home and back yard safe? Is it junky? Does your property need general maintenance?

Maybe according to you it's okay. That's your choice. But if someone else thinks not, are they willing to step up and help you?

Lois J. Getzin


P.S. "Love thy neighbor."

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