Thank you, state lawmakers

To the editor:

During the state legislative session, legislators have many commitments and demands on their time. In addition to constituent concerns and issues, they have committee work, caucuses, and other responsibilities while the House and Senate are convened. They are also asked to attend and participate in many other events.

Every year legislators have generously given a great deal of their time to an innovative training effort conducted by South Dakota Advocacy Services. The training, called Partners in Policymaking, provides leader-ship and skill building experiences to individuals with disabilities and members of their families.

During the legislative session, training participants study the state legislative process, which includes preparing and presenting mock testimony on actual bills before a panel of legislators. The legislative panel this year was comprised of Sen. Ed Olson (Mitchell), Jim Peterson (Revillo), Ben Nesselhuf (Vermillion) and Rep. Tim Rounds (Pierre). Joining them was Lt. Gov. Dennis Daugaard of Garretson. Those testifying best described the event as "a great experience," "very informative," "sensitive," "lively," and "excellent."

South Dakota Advocacy Services and the Partners in Policymaking participants would like to thank these legislators and the lt. governor for their continuing support of this effort.


Robert J. Kean,

executive director

South Dakota Advocacy Services, Pierre

Sandra L. Stocklin Hook,


Partners in

Policymaking, Pierre

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